The Opportunity

Living Well By Doing Good

There is explosive consumer demand for wellness services, but many areas such as massage, fitness, and supplement retailing are saturated. We are the only franchise of hypnosis centers in North America. We have no direct competition.

The Positive Changes approach to wellness has been developed over 30 years of caring for people who have struggled with behaviors that have undermined their quality of life.

Now, you can participate in this profitable business, while making a difference for others. 

A Proven Concept in Health and Wellness

As Baby Boomers and Millennials heightened focus on the lifelong benefits of good health, there is elevated interest in natural, cognitive approaches to wellness.

Research confirms the effectiveness of hypnosis in addressing a range of goals including weight loss, conquering chronic pain, getting a better night's sleep, managing stress and anxiety, and accelerating learning. 

  • In 1961, the American Psychological Association (APA) recognized hypnosis as an effective method of behavior modification. 
  • Former APA President Ernest Hilgard, PhD, set up the Laboratory of Hypnosis Research at Stanford University. 
  • In 1996,The National Institutes of Health recommended hypnotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain.
  • In 2014, University of Zurich researchers found that hypnosis improved the ability to achieve deep, restorative sleep and significantly helped patients with sleep problems.

Today, consumers also recognize the benefits of mindfulness and the natural healing potential of the brain. 

Positive Changes executed a national market analysis to pinpoint our niche and articulate our value to clients. The research confirmed that consumers are eager for alternatives to talk therapy and medications. Our service appeals to a broad demographic. Our role in the increasingly talked about space of mindfulness, along with our proven business model and revenue potential, appeal to discerning franchise owners who have a passion for caring for people.

Positive Changes is the only franchise of its kind in North America and is an attractive business option for those interested in participating in the rapidly growing wellness market.